Access to Inland Water in Wales

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New report about Canoeing access to water in Wales
Inquiry into Access to Inland Water in Wales
June 2010


1. This inquiry came about because of a petition which was submitted to the Assembly’s Petitions Committee by The Welsh Canoeing Union (now Canoe Wales).
2. On 24 April 2008, the Assembly’s Petitions Committee discussed a petition from The Welsh Canoeing Association (now Canoe Wales)1 calling for new laws to be introduced by the Welsh Government:

  1. "The Welsh Assembly Government is urged to consider and implement a Bill to benefit Wales that would enshrine access rights and responsibilities for the public to and along natural resources in the same way that the Scottish Land Reform Act encourages co-operative use of the outdoors for healthy, low impact recreation.

    This Bill must provide and permit access to and along non-tidal water in the face of the massive lack of legal clarity and restrictions that exist at present, which act as a barrier to sport and recreation and the promotion of Wales as a place to visit for adventure tourism."

      Report - click here

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