Collective Passports Under Threat

Collective Passport Scheme under Threat and Lobby Organised.

From the PCS Union.

As teaching professionals who deal with children every day we fully understand the benefits pupils gain from educational trips abroad.
Around 3,000 group passports are issued every year to support trips abroad organised by Schools, Special Needs Schools, Youth Clubs, Army Reserves, Scouts, Guides, Pilgrimage Trusts, Hospital groups for terminally ill children, Football and Rugby clubs and Privilege trips run by Police and Community organisations.
This service benefits tens of thousands of young people each year who travel on group passports.
We have grave concerns a public service that allows children to travel on a group passport is under threat.
A move to close this service will disadvantage pupils from poorer families for whom the cost of individual passports is prohibitively high and as such, we are concerned that pupils may be excluded from educational trips abroad. We know that around 30% of young people who travel on group passports do not have a passport of their own.

An online petition has been organised, please consider adding your organisation to this to lobby to retain this valuable service, that allows atleast 30,000 young people a year to travel at very low cost into Europe.

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