Farming and Learning

Field trips to the farm can teach children about much more than agriculture – and an education partnership has brought mutual benefits for Barnham Primary School and farm managers at the Euston Estate.

Enthusiastic chatter about soil, fertiliser and machinery fills the fields as schoolchildren dig up bucketloads of sugar beet from this East Anglian farm.

It is one of many visits to this hands-on outdoor classroom, built through a long relationship between the Euston Estate, near Thetford, and Barnham Primary School in a neighbouring village.

But these Year 6 pupils are learning about much more than farming – there are lessons here about mathematics, science, economics and engineering as various trial plots of beets are harvested, weighed and measured to see the impact of different planting, cultivation and nutrition methods.

The educational impact of this collaboration has been recognised by Ofsted inspectors, who praised the school’s “irresistible curriculum, where learning is brought to life with exciting real-life experiences.”


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