date.png Sun 12th Mar '17 time.png 17:12

Police worker who broke her back after falling from a climbing wall fails to get compensation


date.png Fri 27th Jan '17 time.png 08:51

DfE have announced that the funding to enable every school in England to convert to an academy has been returned to the treasury as the project is not going forward. How this will impact academisation more generally is unclear.

date.png Tue 24th Jan '17 time.png 10:03
A family left bereaved after their son died on a college trip to Spain in 2011 is supporting a bid by an AM to tighten rules on educational trips. Glyn Summers died at the age of 17 on a college trip to Barcelona. 

Plaid Cymru's Steffan Lewis wants to introduce a minimum ratio of supervisory staff to pupils on educational trips. He will take part in a ballot on Wednesday, where one AM will be picked to propose a private member's bill. 
If Mr Lewis' bid was picked and if the law was passed, the proposed Safety on Educational Trips bill would introduce a mechanism for independent review following injury or death during a trip. 
The bill would also introduce:
  •  a code of conduct for supervisory staff during trips, including a prohibition on alcohol 
  • guidelines for the information that must be provided to parents and guardians before a trip
date.png Mon 12th Dec '16 time.png 15:15

New film which provides an introduction to the findings of the Learning Away project and Brilliant residentials

date.png Wed 12th Oct '16 time.png 07:13

Collective Passport Scheme under Threat and Lobby Organised.


date.png Thu 2nd Jun '16 time.png 12:41

This week’s article has been carefully compiled for us by Robert Williams, Outdoor Education Adviser, Buckinghamshire County Council. based on an original article for IOL’s Horizons Magazine written by David Crossland.

date.png Wed 11th May '16 time.png 09:43

A short piece on Adventurous Learning by beamingsimon 

School Travel Organiser is a magazine for teachers. I wrote a short article on Adventurous Learning for their readership. This might be the kind of easily digestible piece that can be shared with those colleagues and managers who require a little more persuasion before stepping outside the classroom… You can download it here.
date.png Fri 8th Apr '16 time.png 10:44

It's time to rewild the child – video

George Monbiot argues that the more time children spend in the classroom, the worse they do at school because our narrow education system only rewards a particular skill set. He says that when you take failing pupils to the countryside, they often thrive – yet funding for outdoor education is being cut