date.png Fri 22nd Dec '17 time.png 10:52

Field trips to the farm can teach children about much more than agriculture – and an education partnership has brought mutual benefits for Barnham Primary School and farm managers at the Euston Estate. More...

date.png Fri 29th Sep '17 time.png 13:14

A new study examining ‘the state of school residentials in England: 2017’ has been released this week by Learning Away.  The study, which assesses the quantity and quality of residentials currently delivered in schools, is the first of its kind in England. Based on analysis of data from tens of thousands of schools and educational establishments over the last five years, it found that far too many children are missing out on these powerful learning and life experiences, with only one in five children experiencing a residential every year. More worryingly still, the study found a picture of patchy and inequitable access with young people in in the poorest areas the least likely to participate. Furthermore, only around half of teachers said they believed the residentials they delivered were affordable to all pupils.

The full report can be downloaded from


date.png Tue 8th Aug '17 time.png 14:28

The Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel welcomes Ms Spielman’s views on the safety culture in schools and hopes that this results in Ofsted encouraging schools to continue to provide well managed challenging outdoor learning, educational visits and adventurous activities to children and young people. More...

date.png Thu 15th Jun '17 time.png 13:07

Over the past few days we have been in touch with the Metropolitan Police, the National Counter-Terrorism Security Office, the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure and the Department for Education to ensure that our guidance on visits and the threat from terrorism is up to date and that it is consistent with what they are saying.

As a result we have updated "6k FAQs: Visits and the threat from terrorism" to include some additional advice that we think you will find useful.

You can download the revised guidance at:…/6k-faqs-visits-and-the-threat-from-te…/

date.png Fri 24th Mar '17 time.png 14:50

Access to nature reduces depression and obesity, finds European study More...

date.png Fri 27th Jan '17 time.png 08:51

DfE have announced that the funding to enable every school in England to convert to an academy has been returned to the treasury as the project is not going forward. How this will impact academisation more generally is unclear.

date.png Wed 12th Oct '16 time.png 07:13

Collective Passport Scheme under Threat and Lobby Organised.


date.png Wed 11th May '16 time.png 09:43

A short piece on Adventurous Learning by beamingsimon 

School Travel Organiser is a magazine for teachers. I wrote a short article on Adventurous Learning for their readership. This might be the kind of easily digestible piece that can be shared with those colleagues and managers who require a little more persuasion before stepping outside the classroom… You can download it here.