OEAP Safety

The OEAP are the lead body for advisers in Outdoor Learning and School Visits.
On this site you can find our members who can work with you.
Your Local Authority or Academy Group may employ an adviser for outdoor learning and their details are on the site. Or you may want find an adviser to work with your Academy or Independent School.
The OEAP have experienced and trained members in the register of members click on - Find an Adviser tab (top left)
We promote through good practices and the HSE approach to sensible risk management.
We publish National Guidance to employers for school visits and offsite activity, and this guidance can be adopted by employers via a local policy.

Nothing Ventured - balancing risk and benefits
The OEAP and English Outdoor Council publish Nothing Ventured... balancing risks and benefits in the outdoors by Tim Gill.
It can be downloaded here

Managing Risk
The OEAP welcome this document below, Managing Risk in Play Provision, as a clear vision statement to allowing children and young people to access adventure in their lives
This document can be found at this link.

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